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Huobi Chain

Huobi Chain provides individuals and organizations with reliable infrastracture of self-finance, so that various assets and warrants can be generated, transferred, notarized and confirmed on the public chain in the form of tokens.

Huobi Token (HT) will also be upgraded from a general token to a token based on the Huobi Chain, and the Ecosystem Partner of Huobi Ecology will also become a super node on the Huobi Chain.

A trustworthy self-financing platform of the next generation operated by the community

Features of Huobi Chain

Realize the operation rules of the underlying system, financial contract of the upper system and and public supervision of the outer system with blockchain technology in a transparent, secure and efficient manner,

build on collective decision-making of the community and the decentralized management, strike a dynamic balance of rights and obligations of corporates, institutions, supervisors, investors, developers and other participants of the ecosystem to ensure common interests of all participants,

so that inclusive finance can really serve as the cornerstone of our digital economy. In this way, we can optimize resources allocation to the largest extent, empower financial services and liberate global wealth.

  • Mitigate financial risks with supervision and consensus

  • Optimize the trading process with blockchain technology

  • Safeguard users' rights and interests with community autonomy

Development & Leader Election of Huobi Chain

Huobi firmly believes that the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) represents the cooperation mechanism of the future's human society, and it has established HADAX, Super Nodes, Huobi Knight and Safety Nodes.

we realize that the participation of community users determines whether the digital asset service platform can become bigger and stronger, just as the number and strength of nodes directly determine the long-term healthy development of blockchain.

It is for these reasons that we will openly carry out an election for leaders and board members of the Huobi Chain around the world to select the best leaders for the Huobi Chain by voting.

to lead Huobi technical team and every other developer in the world who share the same goal with us to face the challenge of public chain development.

An Open Letter on Starting the Development of Huobi Chain and Election for Leaders and Board Members >

Development Plan

Huobi Group will provide 30 million HT as the start-up asset of public chain development, and continue to increase investments in the future to fully ensure that Huobi Chain will become the global industry's highest level of next generation self-financing public chain.

Huobi Chain's development will have four stages, from the project startup to the mainnet release, which is expected to take 18 months. Following the completion of leader election during the start-up stage, the development will be led by leaders of the public chain, with board members overseeing and assisting to complete each milestone.

Evolutionary Milestone Setting

In the election process, each milestone builds on the previous milestone. The goals were jointly designed by Huobi team and board members.

Each milestone has a prize pool. Winning teams are selected at the milestone node, and they will share the specific prize pool at each stage. At each milestone, the teams' codes are open source.

New teams are welcome to use open source code at any time to participate in the competition and inject new blood and vitality into the election.

Candidate Registration

Today, the blockchain is changing the way of human collaboration day by day. It is unrealistic to try to solve the problem of public chain development with Huobi technical team alone. 20 million Huobi supporters all over the world share the common wisdom and inspiration, which is the key to the success of Huobi Chain.

Join us to face challenges of the times, and to take building Huobi Chain as an opportunity to forge ahead, beyond themselves, not only live up to opportunities of the blockchain era but also live up to the eyes of the people staring into the future.

  • Registration time GMT+8 (Singapore time)

    • >June 6th, 2018

      A Global call for Huobi Chain leaders

    • >July 5th, 2018

      Candidate registration officially concludes.

  • Candidate requirements

    [Any person in the world who meets the following requirements shall be eligible to enter the election]

    • 1. Have rich experience in the blockchain development and large-scale system architecture;
    • 2. Lead a large R & D team and is experienced in management.
  • Candidate responsibilities

    • 1. Work with Huobi to create the world's leading Huobi Chain and build a cohesive and active Huobi Chain ecological community.
    • 2. Promote the innovation of public chain technology and the popularization of its application, improve the reputation and influence of Huobi in the blockchain industry, and drive the flourishing development of the blockchain industry.

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